The smile of your dreams starts here with Dr.Ibrahim

Dr. Ibrahim Adel is a dental consultant and holds a British fellowship specializing in orthodontics

Our types of orthodontics

The type of braces is chosen according to the condition of your teeth
Fixed braces (regular braces)
Wires and incisors are fixed to the surface of the teeth and jaws, and the orientation of the teeth is gradually modified through changes in the intensity of the wires and incisors.
Invisalign clear braces
It uses different types of transparent molds to gradually move the teeth without wires and incisors
Invisible braces (Lingual braces)
The wires and incisors are fixed to the inner surface of the teeth, making them invisible from the outside.

Our clients' success stories

Some of Dr. Ibrahim’s cases, and the common factor between all the cases, is their laughter, which became full of confidence and joy

Orthodontic with installments

Now you can get orthodontics in equal installments

Installments up to 60 months

Up to 12 months with ZERO interest

Up to 12 months with ZERO interest

Direct installments through the clinic
with a fixed value of 1,000 EGP per month throughout the treatment period

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